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Introducing Siesta, a Women's Fragrance Oil from our Classic Line that transcends beyond a fragrance; into a dream. For women who embody strength and grace, Siesta brings a timeless and enchanting aura, leaving a lasting impression on everyone it embraces.

Siesta is where Woody, Vanilla, and Aromatic accords intertwine, accompanied by undertones of floral, rose, and green notes. Soft Spicy, Fruity, and Earthy accords add depth and complexity to this alluring choice for the modern woman.

Siesta has become more than just a fragrance; it's the go-to scent for moments of self-care and mindfulness. With just one application, Siesta lasts all day, creating an intoxicating and enchanting fragrance that stays with you throughout your journey. The Vanilla, Patchouli, Woody Notes, and Ambroxan, Siesta strikes a perfect balance between warmth, freshness, and sweet fruitiness.

Will you discover your Signature Scent with Siesta?
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Customer Reviews

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Nasimah Ahmed
Stay Majestic with Majestic Essences

Once again a incredible sweet fragrance which lasts a long time
It's not a fragrance that will give u a headache which is amazing
10/10 customer service looking forward to buying more

Siesta is the oneeeee

If you want a fragrance that gets you compliments all
day long, Siesta is the one!! I love it for its floral and fruity notes and it’s just a really lovely feminine scent. I wore this on holiday in 40+ degree heat and it still lasted all day!